4. Energy generation plant B2Power 250


The energy generation plant can be filled with waste or biomass as a fuel (for example peanut shells or green waste). For that purpose, the plant will be connected to a storage container of waste as a preliminary step the waste will be warned up to over 85 °C to kill bacteria and sprouts. Furthermore, the liquid of the fuel will be reduced. After sortie of the recyclable components, the rest will be delivered to the thermal utilization. The plant takes the fuel and combusted it with a temperature higher than 900 °C to ashes which can be used as fertilizers. The flue gas will be held at a temperature higher than 850 °C for more than 3 seconds. This guarantees the almost clean burning. The heat (by product) will be used for drying the fuel. The electricity output of the B2Power 250 is about 250 kw/per hour.